Managed identity and access solutions

Enable your users to quickly and securely access the applications they need with managed identity and access solutions.


What is managed identity access?

Consistent protection across your entire estate.

With more and more people working remotely and using different apps and devices to connect, organisations are forced to juggle hundreds of applications across the business. With each new application, users’ passwords proliferate, creating an admin and security nightmare.

Identity and access management solutions enable your employees, partners, and customers, to quickly and securely access all the applications they need.

As well as reducing IT and user friction, they help you:

  • move to the cloud – everything is stored and secured remotely
  • prevent data breaches – rogue IP addresses are automatically blacklisted
  • adopt a Zero Trust approach – multi-factor authentication ensures whoever is logging in is allowed to access those applications
  • reduce IT friction – there’s just one login to all users’ applications and an automatic password reset
  • improve agility around mergers – multiple directory sources can be added to one directory, giving people the same access regardless of which company they were originally in.

Managed Identity

What is Managed Identity?

Managed Identity is an identity and access security solution from BT that manages all your users’ passwords to let them securely access all the applications they need.

Features include:

  • adaptive MFA – easy to deploy and manage for admins, and allows for seamless enrolment and authentication for all user types
  • lifecycle management – enhances productivity and increases security by automating onboarding and offboarding, and granting / revoking the right access in a timely fashion
  • advanced server access – enabled just-in-time password-less authentication to Linux and Windows servers, and automates the end-to-end lifecycle of server user and group accounts.

Why choose identity access solutions with BT?

It’s not just the solution that makes the difference, but who you choose to partner with. Why choose us for identity and access management solutions?

  • We’re truly global – we have 3,000 security experts and 16 security operations centres across the world
  • We’re experienced – we manage over 180,000 global identities within BT and our partner ecosystem every second of every day
  • We’re compliant – we’re experienced in the compliance requirements that surround identity and access management and can help create policies that safeguard your users whilst ensuring you stay on track with regulatory obligations.