Network segmentation solutions

Reduce your attack surface and improve breach containment by restricting attacker lateral movement with network segmentation.


What is network segmentation?

Stop lateral movement in its tracks.

Modern compute estates are increasingly complex, spanning one or multiple data centres and public clouds from hosted environments to partner networks. This means you’re having to defend a broader attack surface with ample opportunity for breaches, making prevention extremely difficult - if not impossible.

Network segmentation, or micro-segmentation solutions, enable you to quickly and easily segregate your network at a granular workload level. This is at the heart of Zero Trust security and protects your organisation by restricting the lateral movement of an attacker.

Managed network segmentation solutions from BT can help you:

  • gain real-time visibility – monitor application behaviour and connections to understand what is talking to what and to identify risks
  • improve breach containment – prevent lateral movement and reduce cyberattack blast radius
  • secure critical assets and applications – and ensure they keep working by testing policies before enforcement.

Our network segmentation solutions

Managed Micro-Segmentation Security

What is Managed Micro-Segmentation Security?

Managed Micro-Segmentation Security from BT is based on Illumio technology and allows you to outsource your network segmentation management to us, meaning you can be confident your micro-segmentation policies are set up and working correctly.

Features include:

  • rapid setup –micro-segmentation can be deployed very quickly on your network using our pre-configured setup scripts
  • proactive monitoring – our security operations centre experts will monitor your set-up to make sure things are communicating as expected and help you put in place new policies if you need them
  • detailed reporting – you’ll get reports showing blocked traffic so you can be confident that legitimate traffic isn’t being inhibited.

Why choose managed network segmentation with BT?

It’s not just the solution that makes the difference, but who you choose to partner with. Why choose us for network segmentation solutions?

  • We’re a trusted global partner – we have 3,000 security experts and 16 security operations centres across the world.
  • We’re experienced – we’re the first security provider to offer a fully managed Illumio service, hosted in our own secure data centres on BT Compute.
  • We’re accredited – we’ve invested significantly in expertise and accreditation to offer world-class design and deployment know-how as well as ongoing service management.