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Global Service Operation

BT Service Desk Latam

Create an incident

To provide the necessary support during a loss or degradation to BT services, an incident must be registered with our Service Desk, below are the details on how to raise an incident with our BT Service Desk.

Information and Recommendations

  • Access our Portal at:, where you can raise an incident and follow its progress online. If your access to BT Portal is not active, contact your Service Relationship Manager and follow the steps below to register a new incident.
  • Fill out the questionnaire below and send it to;
  • The Service Desk will respond with the incident number within 15 minutes.
  • If your email service is unavailable or you do not receive a response from the BT Service Desk within 15 minutes, please contact the BT Service Desk on the following numbers:

Incident classification

BT incident classification follows the below definitions.

*The Time to Repair may change according to the Product and SLA terms contracted with BT.


  • Customer Name:
  • Customer Site/Location:
  • Problem Description:
  • Contacts for call back (name, email and phone):
  • Local contacts (name, email and phone):
  • Site working hours:
  • Customer Incident ID:
  • Type of service impacted (Satellite, Internet, MPLS, others):
  • Do you have BT contingency?:
  • Is BT contingency working as designed?
  • Do you have power on site at the moment?:
  • Was there a power outage at the site?
  • Is it raining or has it rained there?*
  • Is all equipment connected?
  • Was a reset performed on the equipment?

In case of slowness or packages loss

  • Source IP address:
  • Destination IP address

In case of problems with the voice service:

  • Originator Number:
  •  Destination number:
  •  Dates and times of failed calls:

* If the access method used is Satellite, degradation or momentary unavailability during rains is common, a reset of the equipment (s) is recommended if the service does not return after the rain ends.

Escalation Process

In order to provide the necessary support during a service outage, we have the following escalation process:

Information and Recommendations

  • The service loss or degradation must always be registered through the Service Desk before it can be escalated.
  • You can access updates on the incident through email or your account on the BT Portal, if this functionality is not available, contact your Service Relationship Manager.
  • Please ensure you are using the correct level of escalation contact for your incident using the below table
  • To escalate an incident, contact via telephone is recommended, as the email box is not monitored 24x7. Other communication channels such as Text Message or WhatsApp are not used.
  • If you are unable to contact any level of the escalation list after 3 consecutive attempts, leave a message in the mailbox and seek contact with the next level;
  • The Commercial or Sales teams are not part of the service recovery process.

Simple Service Request

This process aims to implement a smooth flow of work for our customers based on qualified orders such as “Simple Service Requests”, or SSR’s. Through this process, our customers can enjoy a clear, well-designed, and self-explanatory process.


  • The customer must submit the SSR (Simple Service Request) form to BT via email to at least 48 hours in advance, during working days. For weekend services, the customer must submit the SSR form 5 days in advance.
  • Our Service Desk will send an email confirming receipt and SSR ID raised by BT for fulfilment.
  • The customer will receive an invoice at the end of each period / month regarding the SSR implemented by BT.

For further enquiries on the SSR, you can contact the Account Manager or Service Relationship Manager.

Request for Change

This process aims to implement a flow of actions for BT customers regarding request for change, such as antenna relocation or rack relocation. In other words, changes or requests that require a higher level of planning to perform the service.


  • The customer must submit the change request to the Project or BT Change Coordinator with the details of the change or request to be performed. If the customer does not know their Project Manager or the account does not have a Change Coordinator, please forward the request to the Commercial team and / or Account Manager.
  • We will share the cost of the change request for approval before we complete the requested.