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Adoption recommended practice

Drive adoption

Top tips on driving adoption


Start by identifying what the change means for your users.


Share links to where users can self-learn how to use.


Create awareness so users know what’s coming and why.


Remind users to watch out for updates to the service via. the prompts in the app.


Provide step-by step instructions on how to get started.

Communication checklist

Here is a checklist of things you may need to communicate to your end users to ensure the best experience

new phone number including when they can start using

how to order a compatible headset if they don’t already have one

details of existing phone number including when it will be switched off

reminder to copy contacts and voicemails from existing phone

how to make and receive calls with information on advance features for those that need it

how to set up personal settings such as personal greetings, favourite phone numbers

reminder to update email signatures and all places their phone number is promoted

how to ensure their mobile app updates with calling capabilities

where to access training to get the most out of the service

who to contact for support or any questions.

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The importance of choice based training


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