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Delivering a seamless and secure digital employee experience

  • Online
  • 15 Févr. 2022
  • 13:00 Royaume-Uni

The future of work is flexible and agile.

We have the tools to empower people to work from anywhere but with so many people now spread across vast distances with less face-to-face contact than ever, how do you make sure they stay engaged, productive and most importantly secure? In fact, instilling secure and safe digital practices is one of the key differentiators that will give your business a competitive edge.

To help you, we’ve joined a panel of experts as part of The Economist’s Insight Hour, to share some key insights on how to deliver secure, outstanding digital experiences, wherever your workforce needs to be.

Watch our panel discussion to discover how to:

  • build solid cyber hygiene
  • instil secure and safe digital practices
  • use ‘assume breach’ as the starting point of your security strategy
  • balance automation with human intervention
  • develop a collaborative approach to security by working with the right partner



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