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Ixom souhaitait bénéficier d'une solution plus flexible que son ancien réseau conventionnel. Une solution qui puisse offrir à ses utilisateurs tout ce dont ils ont besoin, tout en diminuant les coûts. En savoir plus en anglais

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Agile Connect is our unique SD-WAN solution. It’s ideal for branch solutions, offering fast, simple site set-up, easy control and our added security wrap.

Because it’s an SD-WAN, you can meet additional bandwidth demand and improve the performance of your priority applications.

It’s unique to us because it’s built on, and integrated into, our global network, plus it’s controlled through our portal - the same portal you can use to control your wider network services. It comes already built with regional gateways, hub connectivity, and added security including against cyber attacks. You can control the service yourself, or we can control it for you, and our service wrap will make sure you have a successful solution.

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A scalable, multichannel contact centre allowing you to scale the number of agents you need quickly, while only paying for what you use on a per agent, per month basis.

Cloud Contact Cisco is built to handle large volumes of customer interactions but it’s also flexible enough to get you started quickly with only 50 agents through a single, easy-to-use multimedia interface.

Network your back-office experts into the front office environment so that your customers with complex needs are directed to the people best suited to deal with them.

We make it easy to have your contact centre in the cloud, making your organisation more customer-focused.

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