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Making cloud count: How telcos can boost revenue with Cloud CX

We can help your customers drive cost and operational efficiency while improving end-customer experience using our omnichannel cloud contact solutions and our global voice network

  • Online
  • 23 Sept. 2021
  • 13:00 Royaume-Uni

Is technology disruption impacting your revenue?

As contact centres and digital channels converge customers are using multiple channels to connect with contact centres. This presents new revenue challenges for telcos:

  • a reduction of voice traffic leading to a reduction in revenue 
  • multi-shoring impacting revenue as voice traffic moves away from your network
  • voice revenue is also lost to digital channels, for example, when it originates from a mobile app.
Our omnichannel cloud contact solution can help create new revenue streams whilst our global inbound service can help recover lost revenue by capturing voice minutes and revenue lost to digital voice from mobile apps.

In our webinar we'll explore:

  • how to create new revenue opportunities by adding cloud customer experience platform and networks into your portfolio
  • the challenges your customers are facing when delivering superior CX for their customers
  • how our cloud contact solution help you integrate your customer’s new or existing contact centre infrastructure
  • how our global inbound services can help your customer’s customers stay connected.


  • Karine Palacios, Global product director, cloud contact centres, BT
  • Vijay Venugopalan, Global head of contact centre specialists, BT


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