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Next generation SD-WAN: true end-to-end network visibility and control

Presenters: Keith Langridge and Adrian Comley from BT will be joined by Saurabh Sandhir from Nuage Networks

  • Online
  • 26 Sept. 2018
  • 09:30 - 10:30 GMT

SD-WAN is the network technology everyone’s talking about. Like any new development, as it matures, it’s capabilities grow.

We all know it offers agile WAN connectivity, but organisations now want it to do much more. They want to integrate their cloud services, use new virtualisation and orchestration capability and do all of this in a secure way.

Keith Langridge and Adrian Comley of BT were joined on this webinar by Saurabh Sandhir, VP, Product Management, Nuage Networks. Together they take a look at some of the latest developments to enhance your SD-WAN, including:

  • achieving end-to-end visibility and control across your data centres, public cloud and branches
  • SD-WANs as a VNF or delivering VNFs on a SD-WAN
  • orchestrating services across your SD-WAN
  • and making sure your solution is supported and secure.

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  • Keith Langridge, VP, network services, BT
  • Adrian Comley, General Manager, dynamic network services, BT
  • Saurabh Sandhir, VP, product management, Nuage Networks
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