Daniel Lawrence

Senior manager, intelligence

Danny provides strategic leadership on the cyber and technical intelligence research that protects BT and its customers.

Danny has over 25 years’ experience tackling threat, harm and risk.

He joined us in 2018 to lead the threat intelligence and investigations team overseeing corporate investigations. He is now accountable for the design and delivery of a new pan-BT, unique intelligence domain.

Within BT, he makes sure that as an organisation we understand the global threat landscape and identify unacceptable risks. His team of specialists use their technical skills and source intelligence to spot and assess emerging threats and trends.  He then advises us, our partners and customers on appropriate remediation and mitigation strategies. 

Prior to BT, Danny spent over 25 years in law enforcement; the vast majority of which was as a Senior Investigating Officer in intelligence led environments tackling serious and organised crime, terrorism and anti-corruption activities.  In 2015, he designed and developed the Cyber PROTECT strategy, becoming the National Policing Lead in this space ensuring consistent and coherent cybersecurity advice was provided from law enforcement and government agencies.