AxURE Technologies

AxURE Technologies: le prestataire de technologie effectue un choix intelligent d'adopter le Cloud

Oil & gas services company adopts BT Cloud Compute solution to flexibly match capacity to customer

Moving in time with volatile markets.

Looking to serve the requirements of the oil and gas sector, and having had BT as a strategic partner for more than 10 years, AxURE Technologies has designed a technology infrastructure with part of its service hosted by BT Cloud Compute.

Given the dynamics of the sector, this solution allows greater flexibility in the delivery of services and optimises technology usage at lower cost.

AxURE Technologies

As a long-term BT customer we trust its services and expertise. Many of our oil and gas clients work on demand, so BT Cloud Compute made a lot of sense for us.”
- Juana Patricia Martínez, Vice President of Marketing, AxURE Technologies

Fast facts.

  • With AxURE Technologies in-house servers at end-of-life, a cloud-based replacement from BT was considered to be the best option
  • Fully redundant BT Cloud Compute data centres in Bogata offer cost advantage, flexibility and high availability, with local delivery
  • BT IP Connect links with a satellite connectivity option provide access to the BT Cloud Compute environment
  • BT professional services consultants provided implementation support and safeguard continuity of service by validating configurations and delivering training
  • Dedicated servers in a BT Compute Telehousing data centre make it easy to separately run oil and gas-specific business apps
  • Integrated end-to-end architecture from a single provider offering low latency, regional regulatory compliance and local currency pricing

Infrastructure as a Service.

BT Cloud Compute is a pre-provisioned data centre infrastructure that enables you to create, deploy, monitor and manage your own cloud service. Cloud Compute is hosted in 22 globally-connected data centres across 19 countries. It can be integrated and managed across hybrid environments, addressing both your private and public requirements.

Quality advice and consultancy.

For AxURE, BT professional services consultants provide support for the implementation and continuity of services. They also deliver ongoing training to guarantee trouble-free operation for AxURE clients and make sure configurations are error-free. AxURE has a BT professional services person permanently allocated to its team.

Advantages with an integrated end-to-end architecture.

A key consideration for AxURE was that the solution should be an integrated end-to-end architecture from a single provider with a direct service relationship across all elements. Where customers connect to AxURE’s MICU® services, BT IP Connect links provide access to the BT Cloud Compute environment, guaranteeing high availability and good network performance.

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