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Carrefour Argentine : la hotline dédiée aux arrêts maladie simplifie la vie du personnel et des affaires

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la hotline dédiée aux arrêts maladie simplifie la vie des salariés de Carrefour

Effective reporting and supervision in the cloud

When you’re feeling ill the last thing you want is to be hanging on the phone trying to get a message through to your boss. And your boss has enough things to think about to want to bother with HR processes.

Carrefour, a major employer in Argentina, called on BT for a cure to this problem. BT Cloud Contact was the key. Now sick employees dial a Freefone number. Everything’s handled in a single conversation. The boss, HR and the medical centre are all notified by email. And each case is followed up until the employee returns to work.

Mariano Patané, Head of Workplace Health, Carrefour Argentina

Before, sick-leave notification was decentralised and there wasn’t a single process. Now it only requires one free call, with minimal hassle.”
- Mariano Patané, Head of Workplace Health, Carrefour Argentina

Fast facts

  • Carrefour in Argentina has 20,000 staff across almost 600 outlets, but there was no centralised system to report and manage sick absence
  • The cost of absenteeism had increased from seven to 14 per cent between 1997 and 2014
  • A BT professional services team worked with Carrefour to create a sickness and accident leave reporting channel
  • The solution uses BT Cloud Contact with Freefone access
  • In the first seven months it took 24,000 calls and helped cut absenteeism by 0.25 per cent, saving almost £600,000
  • As well as making sick notification easier for employees, the system provides valuable statistical data

Scalable pay-as-you-go solution

BT Cloud Contact is a complete virtual contact centre solution that means customers can scale the number of agents quickly while only paying for what’s used on a per-agent, per-month basis. For Carrefour the resulting Medical Assistance Service (Servicio de Atención Médica or SAM in Spanish) is a BT Cloud Contact facility based at the Carrefour Argentina headquarters in Buenos Aires and integrated into the company’s HR systems.

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