Houlder : Les outils de collaboration globale de Microsoft bénéficient d'une disponibilité garantie et de conditions d'accès simplifiées

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Global expansion sees Houlder introduce BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute to power Microsoft Office 365

The beauty of cloud-based collaboration tools

Global expansion sees Houlder running projects across the UK, in the Gulf of Mexico and in South Korean shipyards, among many. With a worldwide team of almost 200 professionals, collaboration is critical to keeping everything in step. Key was the adoption of cloud-based Microsoft Office 365, in line with the company’s strategy of effectively managing in-house infrastructure.

The stroke of genius by Andy Matthews was to leverage BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute—also used by Houlder for Microsoft Azure—to carry the Microsoft Office 365 traffic. That way the company’s collaborative tools are independent of the public internet, assuring the highest availability and security levels.

HoulderBT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute brings with it a management wrap that matches the service levels enjoyed by enterprise networks. It confers greater integrity and robustness to the cloud, something you don’t get with public internet connections.”
- Andy Matthews, IT Manager, Houlder

Fast facts

  • Point-to-point VPNs created an administrative nightmare
  • Houlder moved its network to the BT IP Connect Global cloud
  • Migrated apps from standalone servers to Microsoft Azure
  • Secure pathway to Microsoft cloud via BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute
  • Microsoft Office 365 global rollout gets same BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute simplicity and security
  • Assured connectivity to carrier-class standards with SLA guarantees

BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute within the BT cloud-of-clouds vision

Offering a secure, high-speed pathway from the BT IP Connect Global cloud to the Microsoft cloud BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute is part of the BT cloud-of-clouds vision. It enables firms to eliminate multiple cloud routes, while no longer depending on sometimes-fragile and not-always-secure internet links.

Premium service for Microsoft Office 365

When Microsoft Office 365 is the chosen collaborative platform for a service business BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute uses the attributes of the BT IP Connect Global cloud to assure premium service levels the whole world over.

Fully managed service escapes internal restrictions

Take your business to the next level of efficiency by migrating multiple networks to BT IP Connect Global. This BT managed service offers a single platform bringing voice, video, mobile and conferencing services together.

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