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Agile contact centre platform ensures success of the Thales UK HR shared services initiative

Much more responsive HR in so many ways.

Life could have been a bit rosier for Kathryn Rogers, a lead administrator in the Thales UK HR office. Calls from the company’s 6,500 staff seeking expert assistance arrived pretty much at random. No-one knew how many came in, how long they lasted, or who got landed with more than their fair share.

The new Thales HR shared services centre was introduced so people like Kathryn could offer a more fulfilling customer experience. Now her workload’s far better managed. She can pay closer attention not only to callers’ needs but also to the myriad of other tasks demanded of her.

Kathryn’s much happier in her job, she and her colleagues are more productive, and the HR organisation’s more responsive to its internal audience. And BT Cloud Contact, which makes those things possible, gets the thumbs-up all round.

Thales UK

Since we got the new system I’m no longer a slave to the telephone. The effect’s really noticeable at one-to-ones with my boss. I’m getting due recognition for what I do because it’s suddenly become measurable and manageable.”
- Kathryn Rogers, Lead HR Administrator, Thales UK

Fast facts.

  • Thales HR shared service centre needed a new contact centre platform to offer a better experience for its internal customers.
  • The BT cloud-based solution was easy to implement and integrate with the Thales UK existing telephony platform and CRM system.
  • New contact centre deals with up to 2,000 calls per month with 80 per cent answered within 20 seconds.
  • Workload better managed enabling a 25 per cent increase in activity with the same headcount.
  • £40,000 cost avoidance.
  • Transformation project has seen staff more highly motivated and customer satisfaction increased by 10 per cent.

Easy accessibility improves the customer experience.

With BT Cloud Contact, agents can log-in anywhere there’s a telephone line and internet access, for improved business resilience and operational flexibility. The system provides a wide range of reports, which help Thales manage and optimise workflow. Statistics include call volume, number in queue, time to answer, abandoned call rate, and average talk time.

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