Blog · 09 Mar 2022

Are your 5G private network plans on the right track?

5G private networks offer glittering possibilities and significant competitive advantage – once you’ve navigated through the challenges.

Allan Bond
Senior Manager, Edge and Mobile Solutions

Organisations driving towards ‘digital industry’ want a future full of technologies like augmented and virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, and the internet of things (IoT).

A 5G private network is the essential foundation and enabler for all these innovations with far-reaching implications for connectivity, cloud and security strategies - it’s so much more than an isolated, off-the-shelf item. If you don’t recognise 5G as the fundamental catalyst for technology convergence that it is, you’ll find it hard to create a 5G private network that can deliver your ambitions.

Be clear-sighted when introducing private 5G

Getting the strategy for private 5G right first involves understanding the broad technology landscape it inhabits. It’s part of an intricate, interlinked multi-partner ecosystem that brings together systems integrators, service and technology providers to deliver cohesive solutions. As a result, private 5G isn’t a distinct product you buy and just plug-and-play. It involves connecting that partner ecosystem into the broader business, reaching across your IT and OT environments, your edge computing, cloud, compute capability and security defences. Deploying private 5G in a way that’s going to drive the desired benefits of digital industry is a complex process that entails careful network convergence and integration with your wider business infrastructure.

Three priorities to help you build a powerful private 5G strategy:

We’ve unpacked three key priorities in order to realise the potential of 5G private networks in digital industry:

1. Set your 5G plans in the context of your overall strategy

It’s critical that you set private 5G in the context of your broader, end-to-end strategy for industrial applications, in order to drive the right outcomes and deliver the right business benefits in your digital transformation journey.

2. Recognise 5G’s unique role

Successful adoption of private 5G is all about understanding the scope of its potential to offer ultra-low predictable latency, ultra-reliable and predictable connectivity, and how it makes digital industry possible.

3. Source your expertise wisely

The 5G market is bustling with service providers, systems integrators and hyperscalers. Choosing a partner such as BT will give you the breadth of expertise you need to look at your whole operation, steer you through the complexity and cohesively deliver the capabilities you want by integrating them across the edge, network, cloud, compute and security infrastructure. Work with a partner who’ll set your private 5G plans in the context of your wider connectivity needs and is committed to finding the best solution to achieve these.

Start making 5G private networks work for you

We see 5G private networks as a crucial building block in our approach to supporting organisations achieve their digital future. In some cases, the move to 5G is a big step-change, and we’re supporting businesses with a transformation journey to 5G that works for them. As a leader in the 5G space, we’ve developed the innovative solutions and partner ecosystem that’s essential in making 5G private networks an effective investment, co-creating with our customers to ensure the deployment is the right fit, end-to-end.

To find out how 5G private networks will shape the future of your business speak to one of our 5G specialists.