Blog · 12 Nov 2020

How agile are your IT services?

Outlining the benefits of a more flexible hybrid cloud approach.

Director, software defined networks

Hybrid cloud strategies. Hybrid cloud solutions. Combining public and private clouds is not new, but it is becoming increasingly popular.

In fact, a recent report* found the number of enterprises deploying a hybrid strategy growing from 51% in 2018 to 58% in 2019.

So what’s driving this trend?

Well, the reasons for engaging a hybrid cloud approach are many. Improved scalability and control. Improved security and risk management. Better support for a remote workforce. Reduced hardware costs.

But perhaps, the main benefit of deploying a hybrid cloud is agility. The ability to swerve, to adapt and change, to expand or cut back is a must for most enterprises, but even more so in a digital world.

The key, or course, is finding the right mix of cloud – both public and private – together with resources that are on-premises. Only this will allow your enterprise the pure agility that it needs.

And that’s where BT and Dell Technologies come in. Increased agility and innovation is something they specialise in.

In a post-Covid world, the almost gung-ho implementation of public cloud has been widespread as businesses have had to move entire workforces into kitchens, bedrooms and home offices.

But for many of these organisations, whilst this approach has been necessary to keep the wheels turning, it’s only been efficient to a degree. The network services required have proven to be limiting, often becoming bottlenecked. Plus as more data is created, the cost of data transfer increases.

Models that offload application, data and network services - enabling a distributed, hybrid cloud approach - have become more attractive.

With dedicated private cloud from BT and Dell, customers are free to innovate. Free to return to the scalability of their business without worrying about infrastructure or platform management.  And all safe in the knowledge that enterprise class cloud services are being delivered and maintained.

Speaking of safety, it’s not just the world-class technology but the security that’s worth noting, too.

Together, BT and Dell have 70 years’ experience of protecting the world’s largest multinational organisations and governments, safeguarding against 4,000 cyber-attacks per day and blocking over 100 million malicious communications each month.

It gives them the data needed to understand the latest threats. And it provides them with the real-world experience to ​ensure your solution is secure.

With a variety of management options and consumption models, it’s time to take control of your digital infrastructure. Flexibility, power and choice – it’s firmly in your hands.