Papier blanc · 17 Aug 2023

Automation in the Internet of Things

How automation releases the full value of IoT technologies.

The widespread take-up of IoT allows organisations to monitor processes and drive insights that fuel smarter decision-making.

But this hunger for insights generates a significant management burden and a need for expertise, and there’s a risk this will put a brake on what organisations can achieve with IoT technologies.

Adding automation has the power to overcome these issues so organisations can extract maximum value from their IoT investments without constraints.

IoT autonomics reduce the complexity of managing IoT functionality by building in automatic capabilities of self-configuration, self-healing, self-protection, self-optimisation and self-adaption. This opens up exciting new possibilities to get more from data and to support wider communities with rich insights.

In our whitepaper, our experts explore:

  • the barriers to IoT technology progress
  • the infrastructure changes necessary for IoT development
  • the main uses of IoT automation today
  • our IoT Value Added Services layer
  • our ‘smart city’ testbed.

Download our whitepaper to discover how you can release the full value of your IoT infrastructure: