Livre blanc · 11 Sep 2017

Closing the expectation gap through digital transformation

Customers want to feel like they’re dealing with the same organisation online, on the phone and in-store. Are they asking too much?

Take the shortest route to customers’ wallets

As customers, we’re brutal. Take the way we book flights: if any step isn’t straightforward, we’ll find another airline in a couple of clicks. Airlines have responded by making it simple to compare flights online and check in by app. 

Companies are under pressure to make life easier for customers. It’s why customer service departments have grown to include social media managers and mobile developers. 

Ready to pick up the conversation?

Customers want to feel like they’re dealing with a single organisation – no matter how many times they switch channels. Four out of five people expect advisors to know about their entire history with the business. 

Yet organisations put barriers between specialists. Social media experts and contact centre advisors work with different systems and sets of information. This has to change. Find out how we’re exploding silos with the cloud.



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