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Managing security operations

There’s a shortage of security experts. Is automation the answer? Or will it just give you another security product to manage?

Security professionals are thin on the ground

66 per cent of businesses struggle to find and keep experts. And many hope automation can compensate for this skills shortage.

If you have a creeping sense of déjà vu, it’s not unfounded. Companies often reach for the latest technology when a change in the market leaves them feeling vulnerable.

These purchases soon pile up. 52 per cent of companies use ten or more security products, making it harder for IT teams to manage.

Is there a right way to introduce automation?

You wouldn’t add to a building without checking its foundations. Find out how businesses have prepared by taking a hard look at their security operations and getting their infrastructure in order.

Download the IDC Infobrief, sponsored by BT and McAfee Security, “Managing Security Operations: Towards Integration and Automation”.

To receive a personalised benchmark report on how your security operations compare with your peers and how “mature” your organisation is when it comes to automation and integration complete this 10 minute assessment tool.

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Gérez en toute sécurité de multiples fournisseurs et plateformes cloud

Vous devez plus que jamais savoir qui est responsable de quoi, afin de pouvoir veiller à la sécurité et au bon fonctionnement de tous les éléments concernés.
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Résolvez le problème mondial de manque de compétences en matière de sécurité

Donnez à votre équipe les outils nécessaires pour hiérarchiser les menaces et y réagir rapidement.