Papier blanc · 22 Jun 2022

Living life on the edge

Expert insight into how edge computing can meet today’s real-time data analysis needs.

Real-time data analysis is a critical part of unlocking the full potential of digital transformation – but many organisations don’t have the capability.

Data is the life blood of digitalisation and volumes are increasing. Organisations increasingly rely on the secure free flow of information and the right computing power to support evolving 5G technologies and IoT devices.

But, as data traffic grows, the costs of the bandwidth to support it are spiralling upwards, with no sign of stopping. Plus, many organisations are experiencing data overload, with their data centre links getting overwhelmed with traffic.

Leading digital organisations are rethinking how they handle data and are looking hard at how technology can help. They’re adopting edge computing to move the data, compute and workloads closer to where they’re needed.

Placing data processing on the factory floor or the branch office cuts data traffic costs, increases sustainability and enables the ultra-low latency and real-time processing that’s essential to the IoT.

In our ebook, our experts explore how edge computing:

  • answers today’s data processing requirements
  • opens up new, transformative ways of operating across all industries
  • supports and increases sustainability
  • can be implemented easily and effectively.

Download our ebook to find out how edge computing can support your digital transformation and open up new ways of operating. 

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