Papier blanc · 06 Oct 2023

Pushing the boundaries of automation in cyber security

Discover what to consider when deciding how to use automation in your security.

Stretched security teams are pushed to their limits by the scale and pace of today’s cyber threats – how can organisations best manage this situation?

Organisations are facing a perfect storm of a sea of incoming security data and limited resources to deal with it. Skilled professionals are spending time managing security workloads that could be better used focusing on urgent threats.

At the same time, forces behind cyberattacks are exploiting automation to increase intensity and frequency.

Global organisations are turning to automation in security to keep pace and gain an advantage – but successful implementation isn’t straightforward.

We’ve been exploring how automation can benefit security within our organisation since 2018, and have supported numerous global organisations through both the decision-making process and implementation.

In this whitepaper our experts reveal:

  • what we’ve learnt from our automation journey
  • technology’s potential to optimise security responses
  • how automation can transform the security professional’s experience
  • the top five considerations in choosing automation
  • the future of dynamic decision-making and humans in cyber response.

Download our whitepaper to find out how you can successfully implement automation into your security.

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