Papier blanc · 19 Apr 2021

Supply in demand

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Even before the pandemic hit, consumer goods companies were dealing with more suppliers, faster product development cycles and more demanding consumers than ever before. Combined with globalisation and evolving technology and consumer trends, it’s making it harder and harder for traditional sales and distribution channels to stay relevant.

With the pace of change having increased like never before, to remain competitive you need to be agile in your ability to innovate and engage with customers directly. You’ll need a 360-degree, data-driven view of your operations and supply chains as well as a deep understand of your customers and what they want. Smart, connected devices – the internet of things (IoT) – is the single biggest driving force for digital transformation in the industry.

At BT, we believe that the key to success is focusing on five keys areas – connectivity, digital supply chain, intelligent manufacturing, smart workforce and channels to market.

Download our brochure to find out more about how you can address these areas by combining the right technology with the right infrastructure, security, service, management, expertise and commercials to accelerate your digital transformation.