Papier blanc · 07 Mar 2023

Technology’s role in reducing fraud and risk in banking and financial services

Banking and finance organisations, cyber security firms and our experts explore how to combine technologies to improve fraud defences.

Creating defences that spot and stop fraud in its tracks is a responsibility that stretches right across the financial ecosystem, and information sharing is a crucial part of achieving success.

The banking and finance sector is eager to make the most of any technologies that can put it ahead of fraudsters, so we gathered a panel of leading thinkers to pool their knowledge and plan a way forward.

Our report outlines the presentations that kicked off the panel event, and then summarises the thought-provoking Q&A session that followed. It includes the following presentations:

  • Fraud and risk – the BT view
    Lee Stephens, Director, Security Advisory Services, BT
  • BT innovations to help reduce fraud
    Anna Smith, Senior Product Manager, Wholesale Messaging, BT
  • Is your contact centre safe?
    Jamie Melling, CEO, Smartnumbers
  • Tackling fraud with biometrics
    Ian McGuire, Security and Biometrics Specialist, Nuance
  • How the modern cyber threat has changed
    Christian Heggen, Strategic Threat Advisor, CrowdStrike
  • Cyber risk quantification
    Adam Winter, Senior VP, International and Financial Services, Safe Security

Our Q&A session was broad ranging, covering current and potential future scenarios for fraud prevention across messaging and contact centres, how to handle cyber threat and risk, and how we’re building an ecosystem approach to tackling fraud.

Download our panel event report to share in the insights of the day.