Connectivity to the global FX markets

Access the global FX markets through our Radianz Cloud.

Référence BT Radianz Global FX
Catégorie Réseau

Whether you use an application programming interface (API), multi-liquidity provider centre, or single-liquidity provider for electronic FX trading, we can provide access to all of these sources.

All of the largest multi-bank portals and more than 20 single-bank venues use our Radianz Cloud as the secure access and distribution platform for their clients. You too could have fast, secure, reliable access to foreign exchange services around the world.

A single BT Radianz Cloud connection gives you access to a variety of FX Liquidity, including:

  • single bank platforms
  • multi-bank platforms
  • FX darkpools
  • FX Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs).

This allows you to trade:

  • major currency pairs
  • emerging markets currencies.