Radianz Messaging

Fully managed, secure, end-to-end financial messaging.

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Financial services organisations depend upon the confidential exchange of information.

And with everything hinging on that final counter party settlement, you need to be sure that your messages are exchanged reliably and securely, every time.

BT Radianz Messaging is your one-stop shop for financial messaging and:

  • is reliable and flexible
  • is one solution which supports a variety of financial message standards, such as ISO20002, ISO15022, and FIX
  • lets you connect securely to Radianz Messaging using a variety of networks, including the  Radianz Cloud, other elements of our global network and the public internet
  • is highly secure and confidential end-to-end service helps reduce risk to protect your business
  • is authenticated, non-repudiable messaging helps your business comply with regulatory requirements for message verification
  • is a fully managed service makes it easier and quicker to set up, manage and maintain
  • needs no hardware investment, no juggling of multiple licences, and no upgrade management
  • uses one service level agreement and one supplier, which makes life simpler.

BT Settle NET is a BT Radianz Messaging Service used by firms to ensure settlement of daily trading transactions on CREST.