Cybersecurity advisory and consultation services

Delivering strategic security guidance and advice to organisations across the globe.

Our approach 

Today’s cyber security landscape is complex. We offer strategic security guidance and solutions to organisations across the globe, to navigate this complexity.

We help you at every stage of your security journey, to assess and test your defences and select the solutions that match your security needs - whether that requires building an entirely new security strategy or upgrading your protections to combat the latest threats and trends.

  • Strategic partner - we work with you long-term, supporting you with their digital transformation.
  • Shared expertise - we use the same processes and frameworks to protect BT and our customers which means you get the best of what we’ve got.
  • Integrated approach - our built-in network security and expert management services mean that any security gaps are plugged.
  • Risk based approach - our recommendations will be tailored to your individual risk appetite and your budget.