Advise Horizons

Advise Horizons

The benefits

Turn business goals into business results. Fast.

You’re running out of time, trying to catch up, and at the end of the day you feel further behind than when you started. The gap between goals and results isn’t getting any smaller.

BT Advise Horizons helps business leaders close that gap. Quickly.
Balance short-terms needs against longer-term strategic goals
BT Advise Horizons is a consultancy service that can help transform your business. It assesses your business challenges in a more holistic way that addresses complexity and multiple time horizons then focuses on designing a vision and pathway to the future business state by:

  • matching future and current technology with business goals and strategy
  • taking everyone’s interests into account
  • making technology more effective
  • equipping people for new ways of working

Start with the end in mind
BT Advise Horizons starts with the end in mind and designs a pathway to your future business goals. And it does so in a way that addresses the broad spectrum of business, operational, technical and innovation challenges. We’ll help you understand the ‘why’ (business goals), and the ‘what’ (business results). And then together we’ll focus on the ‘how’ (people, processes and technology).

Our team will work with you in facilitated sessions to assess business opportunities, identify gaps and produce actionable short-term, mid-range and long-range plans.

What it costs

The BT Advise Horizons offers three different approaches:

  • Rapid – typically 2-4 days
  • Targeted – typically 2-4weeks
  • Strategic – typically 4+weeks

For detailed information on pricing, click “Get a quote” on the right or contact your BT Account Manager.

More reasons to buy

Beyond technology to genuine business value

We have unparalleled breadth and depth of business and technical extertise. We take a holistic, business plus technology approach that includes a great deal more than the BT product and services portfolio.

Our business orientated, capability design perspective takes into account internal and external, multi-domain and multi-vendor considerations as we develop the roadmap.

We work with you to determine who is best suited to deliver specific roadmap items, help bring in other resources, partner with internal and external parties, and perform the lifecycle activities you choose.

We are vendor and technology agnostic and understand how to exploit business and technology trends that will help you achieve your business goals.

Technical specifications

Three approaches

BT Advise Horizons offers you 3 approaches:

Delivers a quick high-level review of trends and opportunities in a specific business/ technology domain. (Typically 2 - 4 days)

Defines domain and technology-focused solutions and/or technology-enabled business solutions. (Typically 2 - 4 weeks)

Addresses complex multi-domain and business transformation issues involving multiple stakeholders and challenges. (Typically 4+ weeks)


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Bridging the gap between business goals and business results