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Application performance management

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Application Performance Management services that improve the performance of business critical applications and processes.

There are lots of reasons why Application Performance Management is important. You might be looking at how to make the best use of your network infrastructure and reduce costs by prioritising traffic and routing via the internet when necessary. You could be deploying unified comms and need to ensure successful user adoption. If your bandwidth is being used for video and your voice quality is suffering, that’s an issue that could be avoided. Or it could simply be that your employees and customers are complaining about the speed of their applications. There are lots of ways we can help make things run more effectively. Resolving application performance issues also reduces the need to tie up IT resources that could otherwise support growth initiatives.  Helping you get the most out of everything that is digitally possible.

Managing the application environment can be very complex as user’s access applications in lots of different ways including fixed and mobile devices via the intranet, internet, cloud and corporate network.

BT Connect Intelligence is a portfolio of Application Performance Management services that improves the performance of business critical applications and processes. The service provides application visibility allowing trouble shooting and estate management, application optimisation delivering path selection, prioritisation & compression. This allows us to manage business outcomes and not just network failures.

The benefits

BT application performance management solutions offer a suite of managed services to optimise the performance of critical applications and ensure you’re getting the maximum out of your network

This includes

Applications performance monitoring - gives you the visibility of applications so you can understand what’s happening on your network and the effect it’s having on your end users.

Web Analysis - start to look outside the organisation, monitoring end-users experience of websites and applications, so you can identify and resolve problems no matter where they occur in the application delivery chain.

Network performance monitoring and diagnostics – gain visibility over the WAN, so you can see the volumes and bandwidth consumed, so you can understand the performance you have

Network & application performance optimisation – accelerate applications and look at ways that you could reduce bandwidth to help you use your budget more effectively. Decide how your traffic should flow using path selection and optimise what’s happening at a branch level.

Prioritise your business critical applications – manage non-business critical traffic over both private Wide Area Networks and the Internet reducing cost and application downtime.

As a service pricing model -  ability to price on a per user basis rather than the traditional bandwidth based network model, provides greater flexibility, adaptability and control over your solution.

These are supported by our:

Unified Dashboard - enables better decision making by providing business-relevant information for different stakeholders who are either involved in service delivery or affected by it. Correlate third-party data, without replacing any tools. The dashboard provides drill down capabilities and is also available on a range of devices including tablets, ideal for the CIO, and IT staff on the move

Our strong partnerships – we work with market leading partners to make sure you have the best solution. We have long and trusted relationships with Cisco, Dynatrace, InfoVista (Ipanema) and Riverbed. 

Future proof management

WAN optimisation solutions require constant attention to ensure you realise return on investment. BT’s dedicated team ensures that the solution is always performing at its best.

Professional services

We include monthly reports as part of a managed service.


Connect Intelligence availability

BT Connect Intelligence is available all around the world. For full detail on specific country availability, please contact your account manager for specific detail.


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