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IP Address Management

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Addressing the complexity of managing IP network access

Our IP address management (IPAM) products enable you to simplify and automate the administration of your IP name and address space using a single, intuitive web interface. With our IPAM software and hardware, you can create a stable IP infrastructure and maximise IP address allocation to optimise the performance of your network.


Improving operational efficiency through unified IP management

BT Diamond IP products enable you to integrate your domain name system (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) and IPAM into a unified, centralised platform. Through this single interface you can manage address space inventory, configuration and capacity for IPv4 and IPv6, and manage multi-vendor DNS and DHCP servers.

Simplification and automation of your IP address management system enables you to:

  • Reduce complexity: simplify IPAM, DNS and DHCP configuration and management through a centralised platform, even in multi-vendor infrastructures.
  • Streamline processes: replace time-consuming spreadsheets with automated IPAM administration, and centralise operating system upgrades and patches.
  • Improve network stability: ensure consistent use of available IP space and pre-empt IP address depletion, through timely address re-allocation and swift name resolution.
  • Manage rapid IP expansion: monitor and assign your IP address pool appropriately, enabling new devices, such as IP telephony handsets and wireless routers, to be connected promptly.
  • Minimise service outages: manage and automate critical DNS and DHCP network services through a single interface, reducing configuration errors caused by manual processes.
  • Enhance security: identify potential access control violations and assign multiple administrators with varying degrees of responsibility.

Key features and benefits

Making network access easier for your end-users

BT Diamond IP is the leading provider of flexible full lifecycle IPAM systems, available as both software and hardware deployments - or a mixture of the two - that can be fully integrated into your current network.

Ensure sufficient IP address capacity
Through BT Diamond IP’s automated, centralised IP interface you can:

  • Track IP address utilisation across your network and free up reclaimable address space.
  • Define your IP network according to your own network topology, policies and procedures.
  • Plan your migration to IPv6 with integrated IPv4 and IPv6 support that protects your IP management investment.

Rationalise complex infrastructures
BT Diamond IP integrates seamlessly into multi-vendor infrastructures, enabling you to:

  • Centralise network management with support for native DNS and DHCP server products.
  • Create a stable and robust IP infrastructure through a uniform IP platform capable of supporting voice over IP (VoIP), wireless local area networks (WLAN) and video.
  • Manage the proliferation of IP-enabled devices accurately, enabling access for end-users from multiple devices.

Reduce network service outages
BT Diamond IP’s centralised IPAM system enables you to:

  • Eliminate manual DNS and DHCP configuration errors - the major cause of network downtime - and improve network availability by up to 15 per cent.
  • Receive alerts to pre-empt IP address depletion and network or server failures.
  • Provide an additional layer of network availability, in the event of server failure, via hardware redundancy.

Increase operational accountability, efficiency and productivity
By managing your IPAM system through a single interface, your IT personnel can:

  • Eliminate the need for manual IPAM systems, such as spreadsheets, that are time-consuming to update and monitor.
  • Assign multi-administrator controls and manage secure access levels.
  • Audit IP and MAC addresses using our reporting facility.
  • Automate operating system updates and patches.
  • Integrate and automate IPAM, DNS and DHCP processes to simplify network management, enabling greater IP stability.
  • Use an intuitive interface that enables configuration and management of IP space and DNS/DHCP servers by non-experts.

Achieve rapid return on investment
By automating and integrating your DHCP, DNS and IPAM processes you can:

  • Obtain a return on investment that may exceed 150 per cent within three years.

Detailed description

Flexible IP management through a single user interface

BT Diamond IP provides market-leading software and appliances that can help you effectively manage your complex IP networks. Available as a software application or pre-installed on Sapphire appliances, BT Diamond IP provides centralised, full lifecycle management of critical IP management functions. Round the clock global helpdesk support options are also available to assist with problem resolution and queries.

IPControl software

IPControl software is a centralised IPAM system that enables you to take control of your IP address space and manage it according to your specific requirements, policies and procedures through:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 address space assignment, allocation, discovery, reclaim and re-allocation.
  • Address pool monitoring and utilisation tracking.
  • Creation and deployment of multi-vendor DNS and DHCP configurations.
  • Integration with your multi-vendor DNS/DHCP infrastructure.
  • Unsurpassed user-defined network settings and easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface.

Pre-installed Sapphire appliances

IPControl Sapphire appliances are designed for enterprises and service providers with distributed network locations, enabling remote administration of IPAM policies and DNS/DHCP services through an intuitive central system. Built-in security and redundancy features via a hardened Linux operating system help increase network availability, minimise exposure to attacks and reduce DNS/DHCP outages.

IPControl Sapphire appliances are delivered with our IPAM software pre-installed. Most models also offer an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) that enables remote “lights out” management. This IPMI interface enables remote power control and monitoring of key hardware metrics, including voltage and temperature.

Deployment of IPControl Sapphire appliances provides you with:

  • Straightforward plug-and-play installation, with configuration directly via the IPControl web graphical interface.
  • Centralised and automated patches and upgrades.
  • Management of DNS and DHCP services across local or remote locations, or full lifecycle IPAM administration.

Technical specifications

Accurately configuring your IP network to your own specifications

BT Diamond IP products feature:

  • Multi-tiered, hierarchical IP address modeling and integrated IPv4 and IPv6 address management.
  • Patent-pending containers facilitate modeling of address space to your topology, geography, servers and domains.
  • Ease of configuration for complex BIND 9 features, such as views, logging and transaction signature (TSIG), promoting accurate use of these key features.
  • Inventory assurance with network protocol layers 2 and 3 discovery.
  • User defined fields on containers, blocks and devices extend information tracking for these elements and enable workflow ntegration.

Sapphire appliances are pre-installed with the IPControl centralised IPAM software or the IPControl DNS and DHCP services software, and are performance-engineered for either a 1U or 2U platform. 2U appliances offer data centre-quality performance, redundancy and management, and are ideal for high-capacity, high-traffic network environments requiring maximum availability of mission-critical IPAM, DNS and DHCP services. The IPMI “lights out” interface enables remote, emergency management.

Choose from a range of Sapphire appliances:

Centralised IP address management:

  • Sapphire EX10 - centralised IPAM on a 1U appliance platform.
  • Sapphire EX20 - centralised, data centre quality IPAM on a 2U appliance platform.

DNS/DHCP services deployment:

  • Sapphire x5 - remote or branch office DNS/DHCP services on secure 1U appliance platform
  • Sapphire x10 - local or distributed DNS/DHCP services on a secure 1U appliance platform.
  • Sapphire x20 - local or distributed DNS/DHCP services on a data centre quality 2U appliance platform and dual CPU, RAID-5 HD, 4 GB RAM dual power supplies.

Who should buy

BT Diamond IP products are suitable for organisations currently using manual systems, commercial systems or basic software, such as spreadsheets, to track and manage their IP address and domain name space. Organisations and service providers managing more than 5,000 IP addresses can reap the benefits of automating IP address management through a single, centralised interface.

Customers experiencing the following challenges may also benefit from BT Diamond IP:

  • Manual DHCP and DNS configuration errors, contributing to compromised security and network service outages.
  • Duplicate or erroneous address allocation, leading to premature IP address depletion.
  • Increase in network devices, as a result of company acquisitions or due to migration to IP telephony and wireless connections.
  • Inability to map IP address-based alert notification to location, subnet or switch port for diagnostics or access control.
  • Migrating from IPv4 to IPv6 or managing an increase in IP-enabled devices due to mergers and acquisitions.


Available globally.

Why BT

Combining the strength of BT and INS, our BT Diamond IP products are produced by an experienced core team of IP management experts - each averaging a decade of IP management experience. We also provide you with our extensive IP networking consulting expertise to assist you with BT Diamond IP deployments, training, operations and related IP networking services.
Our BT Diamond IP products - IPControl software and IPControl Sapphire appliances - have the most comprehensive, flexible and secure IPAM feature set on the market today. They enable you to monitor and manage distributed appliances from a single user interface. Our products have:

  • Received the prestigious World Class Award from Network Testing Labs.
  • Integrated IPv4 & IPv6 address management, enabling you to plan for future IPv6 migration without purchasing additional products.
  • Unsurpassed user definability, enabling you to manage your IP address space according to your own policies and procedures.

BT Diamond IP exclusively enables you to:

  • Incorporate data collection from routers, DHCP servers and ping sweeps.
  • Configure complex BIND 9 features such as views, TSIG and logging, promoting accurate use of these key features.
  • Model multi-tiered IP address space in user-defined topology.