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BT IP Connect Global


Intelligent global platform to your cloud of clouds solution

Use our IP VPN MPLS platforms to connect your global enterprise in the fastest, most efficient way and unlock your full business potential. Be prepared for the future and move to a new dimension of intelligent networks that should be intuitively intelligent, instantly adaptive, totally reliable, highly sustainable and ingeniously simple. You can choose the access option with the performance you need at the right price for each of your sites.

IP Connect Global benefits

  • Be fast and flexible, with more access options
    You can connect all your sites, from data centres and large company offices to small agents, and choose the right access for each one: leased line, Ethernet, DSL or internet-based hybrid VPN. Your choice of access option is determined by geography, the speed you require, the applications you are running across your network and budget.They all communicate with each other through the network with no need for point-to-point connection, and once the infrastructure is in place you can add new applications and more offices quickly whenever you’re ready.
  • Cut costs, build productivity
    Take your business to the next level of efficiency by removing the need for multiple networks with a single platform that can be the basis for bringing your voice, video, mobile and conferencing services together in 198 countries and territories.
  • Take advantage of the cloud
    You can connect your VPN to cloud services without the costs of buying dedicated access from your cloud service provider to your site. IP Connect has connection to an increasing number of carrier neutral cloud compute service providers and software as service providers.
  • Flex your bandwidth on demand
    You can right-size your network in real time through our Bandwidth on demand feature giving you greater control over costs. The feature meets the temporary of planned needs for additional bandwidth, without the need to over provision your network. Flexes can be simply applied through our online portal My Account, which also provides a view of historic changes and associated costs.
  • Simplify your management, stay in control
    Using one supplier lowers your admin and management costs and gives you more resources to concentrate on your core business. You’ll also get full visibility with clear SLAs, comprehensive reports and your own service desk. With our Internet Gateway service you will get access to the Internet from your company offices, alongside your IP Connect Global VPN, to the BT Internet Connect Global service. All BT Internet Connect Global features and benefits also apply for the Internet Gateway

Merging our separate worldwide networks onto a single BT global platform was part of the strategy to globalise our infrastructure service at De Beers.”
- Craig Charlton, Chief Information Officer, De Beers Group of Companies

The details

IP Connect Global specifications

Access options-Choose your access options around the world

  • Leased Line – as reliable and secure as possible
  • Ethernet – high speed, private access at speeds up to 1Gbps in 62 countries, and over 1020 more nodes in the UK
  • DSL – for smaller or less critical sites in 21 countries. Standard, Plus and Premium options have different contention rates, Classes of Service support and use of private or public networks
  • Reach-In Network Interconnects available in Russia, China, India, Brazil, Central America, Mexico, Columbia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, 4 Nordics countries and 12 countries in Africa for high quality access using over 1000 in-country partner’s nodes
  • Hybrid VPN – internet-based access from more than 180 countries for smaller sites or back-up solutions using your local ISP or ours. With many access technologies such as DSL, Ethernet, Cable, 3G Mobile and WiMAX wireless.

Get the most out of your applications

Our 6 Classes of Service mean that with IP Connect you can protect the applications that run your most important processes, as well as:

  • IP telephony and real-time video applications
  • mobility
  • collaboration
  • partner extranets.

Our BT Connect application services can help you see how your IT network could be performing better, as well as keeping track of how your applications are performing compared to industry standard. They’ll also help you find ways to speed up performance while saving on bandwidth and cost

Cloud connectivity

You can connect your VPN to a range of carrier neutral cloud compute service providers and software as a service providers including:-

  • BT Cloud Compute
  • Microsoft Azure using Express Route


You can increase the availability of the connection between each site and the network up to 99.99 per cent. Standard access resilience options are:

  • Standard: one CPE, access line and network port
  • Backup: secondary connection with DSL
  • Secure: two CPEs and two access lines
  • Secure+: two CPEs, two access lines and two network nodes.

In-Life Management

On-site equipment managed by us, or by you

  • We can manage a range of routers from recognised providers for you.
  • You can manage the CPE and configure features like Classes of Service marking, multi-VPN and access resilience yourself.
  • You can also buy, install and maintain CPE using BT recommendations and requirements.


Our IP Connect services are available in more than 198 countries and territories.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in designing, running and managing global IP networks for government and for leading organisations around the globe.

We have 20,000 support people in more than 75 countries, and the world’s biggest team of technical experts, with more than 4,000 Cisco-certified engineers and 560 Nortel-certified engineers.


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