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Easy to use and a great experience

Your organisation’s success depends on how well you communicate. With people scattered across the globe, using different devices to keep in touch, it can be a challenge to get everyone on the same page. 

The challenge is to connect your employees, teams and locations with each other — and with partners and customers — meaning they can get more done, quicker than ever before. Whether it’s speeding up response times or making critical business decisions at a moment’s notice, our conferencing and collaboration services can help you accomplish more.

We make things simple, and give users the best experience, backed by high end support. So using our conferencing and collaboration tools quickly becomes business as usual.



Enable meetings that matter

Better agility
Making it universally easy to use means that distributed teams can work more collaboratively on sales, marketing, recruitment, company strategy and other crucial functions, creating a much more flexible organisation.

Increased speed of decision making
On-demand video conferencing, the best quality audio conferencing and integrated web conferencing, gives you instant access to specialists anywhere in the world. This means you can get the answers and input to make decisions more quickly. For example; on detailed product designs..

Improved productivity and job satisfaction
Getting people together on a conference, wherever they are, whatever device they are using, means they travel less, so they can spend more time on the important things and improve their work life balance.

Reduced costs
Using cloud services takes away the need to invest in infrastructure and maintenance upfront. You also see savings on travel expenses, access costs, and management and support.

How we can help

A complete solution

Audio conferencing

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice is a revolution in audio conferencing. Meeting attendees truly feel as if they’re in the same room. Participants are more able to engage naturally and interact in a dynamic conversation. It delivers:

  • high quality sound: background noise reduction combined with high definition quality
  • voice separation: sounds come from different directions (just like being around a meeting room table).

It is a complete VOIP solution, which means you can save 30% on traditional audio conferencing access costs. It is available through your desktop PC, or using a smart phone with the mobile app and now also from a meeting room, using the Dolby® Conference Phone. We’ve even integrated the service with Cisco WebEx and Skype for Business. Everyone can hear and be heard with pinpoint clarity so meetings are less tiring and more interactive.

Video conferencing

Our video conferencing services include a broad range of video services, video endpoints and video infrastructure solutions which can be successfully integrated into your existing environment: We offer all kinds of business models: on-premises, private or public cloud. Our solutions are compatible with any device -  smartphones, tablets, PC, video rooms or immersive rooms - and can be implemented whatever the network (e.g. SIP, ISDN, Internet or MPLS).

We deliver three cloud video solutions providing interoperability so your participants can use virtually any video device or meeting platform, mobile and browser integration, and connectivity to cross-network partner video conferences.

  1. One Collaborate video bridging provides an all-in-one service that lets you link it all together seamlessly with our pay-as-you-go solutions. We put you in control of video bridging for your web meetings, while allowing you to easily scale up or scale down capability depending on the support you need.
  2. One Collaborate video Cisco (Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms, a feature of WebEx) offers a simple video conferencing experience for customers that base their collaboration strategy around Cisco WebEx. Cisco WebEx delivered by BT provides an excellent rich collaboration experience and has BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice fully integrated; giving high quality video with outstanding audio.
  3. One Collaborate video Microsoft enables non-Skype capable devices to participate in Skype for Business meetings.

 Web conferencing

Web conferencing provides simplified, online conferencing and content sharing for every user, on any device, whether in the office, home office, or roaming. Integrated BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice audio conferencing enables call-back or dial in over IP so users don’t need to remember dial in details. The active speaker is shown in the conference – useful if you are in a large conference and you want to know who is speaking. We can also deliver two-way desktop and Telepresence video in the same WebEx session which allows users on different video systems (room, desktop or mobile) to see video and share documents via one WebEx session.


Streaming lets you share information on a one to many basis which could be live or on demand. Typically, streaming is associated with a higher quality viewing need for video, for example, a company-wide event driven production.

Our managed streaming services will control your corporate bandwidth more effectively using software peering technology – the more computers that connect to the stream the more efficient the desktop client becomes.

Adoption services

Successful collaboration comes from driving exceptionally high levels of end-user adoption. That is something we excel at. It’s a point of major differentiation that has been externally recognised by Gartner.

BT’s adoption services ensure that employees embrace the collaboration tools they have through a highly customised approach. Through awareness, education and coaching services - we show people how they can improve their working lives. We have teamed up with industry adoption experts, Sei Mani, to develop a unique and proven methodology to drive high levels of user participation.

We have supported customers to achieve over 70% adoption of their collaboration services.