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BT One Voice


Bring your communications together and keep people connected

One Voice is a single global network that provides the connectivity you need to deliver voice, mobile and data to every desktop in your organisation. It offers the same reliable service wherever people are, so they can stay connected and keep productive. It’ll help you make things simple, save money, and introduce emerging technologies as and when you need them.

Helping your technologies, and your people, work better together

  • Integrates old and new technologies – so you can introduce the latest solutions and enjoy the benefits they bring while making the most of what you’ve got
  • Provides a platform for advanced solutions like cloud, video, collaboration and conferencing – you can add them whenever you’re ready and boost peoples’ productivity
  • Offers a globally consistent voice service so you can give your people access to the services they need, no matter where they are
  • We are evolving our voice services to offer choice and flexibility to customers with diverse IT estates.
  • We can connect customers to our SIP trunking service using a BT data network and through an internet connection, allowing customers to connect more sites to the service quicker and more cost effectively.

Making your life simpler

  • Reduces complexity by pulling all your communications into one service from one supplier, with a single contract across your entire global network
  • Simplifies the management of your voice estate – in fact BT manages everything for you, so you can focus resource on your strategic business projects
  • Can be tailored to your exact business needs with a choice of connectivity and feature options, and the ability to support wider collaboration and contact centre solutions
  • Now using a mixture of network and internet access, we can connect all our customer’s offices – and homeworkers –to the global voice service and onto one dial plan, with the same great quality voice service.

Saving you money

  • Brings voice and data networks together using Voice over IP (VoIP) – streamlining your infrastructure and saving you up to 30% on network and management costs
  • Makes global communications more cost effective with access to a global dial plan and competitive tariffs
  • Links traditional and new wave voice under one service, so you don’t have to throw away your existing investments
  • Enables access to the network from any device for cheaper mobile calls around the world and savings of over 45% on international mobile and roaming costs


  • Global voice VPN for global on-net calling and connectivity (global dial plan)
  • Choice of access options (MPLS, Ethernet, Internet, TDM) and protocol options (SIP, H.323, ISDN) to suit your needs
  • Number porting and full PSTN replacement
  • Effective resiliency solutions
  • On-net conferencing
  • Mobile integration, to access your corporate network from anywhere

Switching to One Voice saves money, it’s as simple as that. We’ve found that some of our biggest customers have slashed their costs by between 28 and 34 per cent. That’s a very attractive target for just about anyone in the current climate.” 
- Jan Riechers, BT Global Services

The details

Global voice network specifications

Keep your calls on-net – One Voice global VPN

  • Technology agnostic global voice Virtual Private Network (VPN) for on-net international dialling, with competitive IDD rates for off-net calling
  • PBX-based voicemail and PBX feature interworking
  • Private or public dialling plans conforming to ITU E.164
  • Forced on-net calling (FON) and virtual on-net calling (VON)
  • Flexible access via TDM connectivity or voice over MPLS (VoMPLS)

Replace your PSTN service – One Voice SIP trunking

  • Routes PSTN traffic over your data network, to provide a full PSTN/ISDN service on VoIP technology
  • Supports outgoing and incoming PSTN calls, calls to emergency services and most call types to local (national calls within country) services including Premium Rate and Shared Cost numbers
  • Number porting allows you to carry existing phone numbers across to the service
  • Direct Dial In (DDI) reservation and allocation
  • Directory listing,
  • Single Number Reach (SNR) services
  • Incoming call divert and Calling Line Identification (CLI)
  • Added resiliency features for business continuity
  • Compliant with all appropriate national voice regulations in the countries where it’s available

Make calls over the corporate network wherever you are – One Voice anywhere

  • Simple and intuitive mobile application that routes as many calls as possible over BT’s global One Voice network, from anywhere
  • Saves over 45% on international mobile and roaming costs
  • Cost effective calling options include Direct Calls (VoIP via Wi-Fi/3G/4G), Call Back (using the PSTN), and International via Local (PSTN to local PoP)
  • Make / receive calls from multiple devices
  • Option to have just one number for both inbound and outbound calling
  • Voicemail can be delivered via email as an audio file or as text
  • Intelligent one-touch conferencing for cost effective conferencing on the move


A global service, with global coverage

One Voice is available in 75 countries with extended reach to over 100 countries via BT’s global network infrastructure. We offer full PSTN replacement (through One Voice SIP trunking) and mobile integration (with One Voice anywhere) on a global scale.

Contact your account manager to discuss the options available to you.


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