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Be part of the largest community of financial markets participants

Your organisation’s business depends on interacting with the world of financial services.  Linking cost-effectively to service providers, counterparties and customers, while maintaining reliability, scalability, privacy and speed is an increasingly complex challenge.

That’s why you need a proven solution that reduces complexity and costs. The BT Radianz Member service gives you access to an ever-growing range of hundreds of service providers and thousands of applications across the breadth of the financial sector.  Almost every kind of organisation that uses financial services is part of the BT Radianz Cloud community, including:

  • corporate treasury wanting to access FX trading platforms, banking services and financial market data
  • investment managers wanting to interact with brokers and custodians
  • banks and brokers wanting to trade on exchanges, ECNs and MTFs and access CCPs and CSDs
  • central banks, clearing houses and payment processors that need to access and exchange information and transact with each other.


Serving the whole financial community

To make the most of being part of the BT Radianz community, we have the following recommendations:

  • identify who you want to do business with globally across all asset classes. Think about their location in relation to your own
  • look at your organisation’s service and application needs from Front to Middle and Back office
  • think about your requirements for service performance, security and privacy
  • avoid significant hardware and maintenance expenditure
  • develop processes to support your customers and implement an operating model.

How we can help

Make the most of membership

The BT Radianz Member service provides the advantages of a market-leading “cloud” approach while meeting the stringent requirements of the financial community for reliability, privacy and speed.

The BT Radianz Member service delivers a single redundant link so that you can access many or all of the external parties that you do business with.  That means that you can consolidate infrastructure, reduce capital expenditure and reduce the internal costs that are directly under your own control, helping you to ensure that you really deliver these savings.

The BT Radianz Cloud model

New service providers that join this community bring new members with them, and new members that join this community attract more service providers, together creating a “virtuous spiral” that makes the BT Radianz Cloud community grow naturally and in the interest of its members.

We manage the physical and operational aspects of service delivery, monitoring your access capacity and working with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that it is right-sized for your business operations.  This is a managed service that delivers access to a huge community of members and service providers internationally across all aspects of the financial services sector.

The service that we deliver works reliably and efficiently 24/7 so you may not even know that we are there.

Market Solutions

BT Radianz helps you wherever you operate in the market. Find out more:



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