BT Unified Trading

BT Unified Trading

BT Unified Trading

Unifying trader communications

BT has been designing, producing and installing trader voice products for over 35 years. Voice communication remains a critical element of the trade workflow, even as actual execution of trades becomes increasingly computerised.

But how people communicate and the technology that supports them is changing. Unified communications and software solutions are gaining popularity and importance on the trading desk. Traders are becoming more fluid in how they work, seeking to use a variety of communication tools to conduct business and to have a more seamless experience switching between them. But firms also have to balance these news ways of communicating with increasingly demanding regulatory compliance obligations and are looking to use proactive surveillance solutions to improve insight and controls. And like all industries, firms need to reduce costs and complexity; technology and operations groups are looking for optimised cost of ownership, flexible cloud-based deployment options and operational agility; they want to be able to integrate their enterprise systems with their trading floor IT and combine cloud with on-premise solutions in the way that suits them best.

BT’s Unified Trading portfolio helps customers meet this changing landscape and consists of two core product capabilities:

BT’s recently acquired IP Trade product is central to enabling our customers to collaborate across complex, global trading communities more effectively; meet increasingly demanding regulatory compliance obligations and reduce costs and complexity.

BT also recognises that some specific segments of the turret market prefer to choose the specific capability of dedicated TDM platforms versus the more flexible and open approach of SIP-based platforms and BT is committed to continuing to give customers that choice within our ITS portfolio.



Regulation and Mobile Recording

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How BT helps organisations with the “oral recordkeeping” requirement of the Dodd-Frank Act

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