Nachrichten · 20 Sep 2018

Fault finding made easy in the age of digital transformation

As applications and services shift to the cloud, how do you monitor and keep track of your network to ensure all is running smoothly?

Businesses are more connected than ever. Data volumes are mushrooming. Everyone has mobile devices and IoT is everywhere. The agility benefits of digital transformation are huge.

But the shift of applications and services to the cloud and the evolution of new software defined networks to support this mean that many firms are running hybrid infrastructures that are becoming increasingly complex. 

When something goes wrong, it’s difficult to know where to start.

For example, typical business transactions may use an average of 80 different types of technology. Starting with a mobile device in an employee’s hand, a transaction may be processed by an app, and traverse through wi-fi, firewalls, a wide area network (WAN), software defined WAN (SD-WAN), cloud, more firewalls, servers, more software and so on, and all of this has to work perfectly or the app will fail. To keep track of all these components businesses may be using ten or more tools for monitoring.

That’s why we’ve developed Service Intelligence.

Service Intelligence is a new managed service based on big data and machine learning technologies.  It acts as an aggregator of management data from any device and any location. It provides our agents with geographical and network topology views of our customers complete network solution, enabling them to visualise application flows and rapidly triage to a fault. 

While the technology behind this advanced service, which allows us to ingest data from any management source, is unique, the real magic comes when we add our people and processes. The result is a managed service that means less downtime, reduced costs associated with fault management, rapid incident diagnosis and speedy resolution.

This new capability builds on our Dynamic Network Services programme, which is designed to give customers more choice, security, resilience, service and agility in the roll-out of future networks that support digital transformation. It’s one of the key tools available to our experts in the BT service Centre of Excellence to support customers’ adoption of SD-WAN and network functions virtualisation (NFV).

To find out more about how you can transform network monitoring for the digital era, visit our BT Service Intelligence page

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Alex Straunik, Global PR.