Blog · 01 Mar 2022

BT and Cradlepoint: delivering a global 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution

Cradlepoint to be a key equipment partner to support the launch of our global 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution.

Bram Freesen
Senior Product Manager, BT

This solution is now available in 33 countries helping customers leverage 5G for better reliability and agility.

The internet is the foundation of the way businesses work today. It is the underpinning technology to connect customers, suppliers, offices and employees, wherever they’re located. As organisations transition to hybrid networking models, users expect the best internet service available, with high performance and reliability. With significant growth in wireless WANs and the advent of 5G, there’s been substantial acceleration in the adoption of internet access solutions. Many global organisations are now using mobile connectivity through a FWA router as a practical, cost-effective addition to wired connections.

The introduction of 5G to FWA means enterprise-grade wireless connectivity (ultra-fast, ultra-low latency) can be achieved to deliver the next generation of business value and benefits. FWA can be deployed as a backup option and has the reliability to be used as a primary access solution when it comes to fast spin-up or short term contract requirements. In many cases, this solution is a lifeline to provide advanced connectivity and services in previously unreachable geographic areas. FWA will not only provide global customers with a better user experience, but also significantly reduce deployment times – often from weeks to a matter of days.

Our 5G FWA solution has launched in 33 countries worldwide with Cradlepoint and our other trusted partners in the delivery chain. The combined reach of our core network and partner ecosystem means our 5G propositions are helping organisations span the globe. Choosing Cradlepoint to be our leading device manufacturer for FWA means we’re able to complement the current suite of internet access options available in our connectivity portfolio. By going to market with a 5G wireless solution, Cradlepoint was the obvious partner to launch best-in-class, enterprise-grade 5G connectivity whilst building on the existing relationship we have. This proposition means we’re able to consolidate into a single, global contract and service model, where customers previously may have only had a disparate, country-by-country setup.

We’ve substantial global reach that will continue to increase, with further rollouts of 4G and 5G offerings in more countries. If you want to know more about how our 5G FWA solution can help you, please get in touch.