Helping Hello bank! greet customers with personalised video messages

This mobile-only bank needed a standout experience to better connect with customers.

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Hello bank!
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The rise of digital banking is shaking up how we spend and save. Mobile apps mean we’re never more than a tap away from our money. And this close connection means digital banks know more about us. So they can better offer products and service that we need.

Hello bank! is a brand that believes customer experience should be at the centre of digital banking. Owned by BNP Paribas, it has branches in six countries, with three million customers across Europe. Determined to better connect with customers, we helped the Czech branch of Hello bank! create custom messages with BT Personalised Video from Idomoo.

The challenge

Hello bank! believes the simplest solution is the smartest one. They know their customers live busy lives. So they’re committed to making sure their mobile app is easy to use. And that their products and services are straightforward to understand.

But the company also recognises that their customers are all individuals. Each with their own needs and interests. So rather than communicate with them with a one-size-fits-all message, the Czech branch wanted their messages to resonate on a personal level.

On the recommendation of BNP Paribas, who we’d worked with before, the Czech branch contacted us. They asked if we could provide a tech solution that was simple to use but could give them the level of customisation they needed.

In the spirit of our key values, we were looking for a smart and simple solution that would impress our new clients, greet them in a personal way and leave them with the idea that we care about each and every single one of them.”

Gábina Pithartová
Brand & Customer Experience Division Director

The solution

To help Hello bank! speak directly to their customers, we recommended BT Personalised Video. This product pulls in personal profiles and other data into a video template. The content is then tailored to the customer, for example, addressing them by name. And the video can end with a call to action directing them to the bank’s web page or app. 

A video would also deliver the bank’s message in a format that’s easy for digitally-native customers to consume, wherever they are. It’s also a great medium for explaining complex subjects like personal finance in an engaging and easily understandable way.

While the underlying technology is always the same, Personalised Video still gives our clients creative freedom to tell unique stories as well as stamp them with their branding. 

The result

We helped Hello bank! run two campaigns using Personalised Video. The first went to a large number of its customers, raising awareness that they could now earn cashback on ATM withdrawals and shopping. The second campaign greeted new customers with a welcome message, helping the bank form close ties with clients as soon as possible.

Our automated interface worked with the bank’s CRM system, so we could get the personal profiles we needed and quickly scale for mass mail-outs.

We also provided support to the local design agency that created the videos. We advised them on best practice for working with Personalised Video, and how to upload it to the platform.

Our Personalised Video offered a complete solution. To encourage the bank’s customers to watch these videos, friendly SMS reminders were automatically sent out if a recipient didn’t open an email within two days of receiving it. So Hello bank! achieved open rates of around 60 per cent. More importantly, Personalised Video helped Hello bank! achieve the one-on-one connection they wanted with their clients.

Almost 50,000 clients have been addressed by the welcome video campaign. We maintain high standards of communication by welcome phone calls. While we talk to our new customers, some of them spontaneously mention – and appreciate – the surprisingly personal “video candy” we have sent them. It seems the personalised video was the missing piece of our on-boarding process as our NPS for new clients grows month by month.”

Gábina Pithartová, Brand & Customer Experience Division Director