Managed cloud security solutions

Combine industry-leading cloud security solutions with our managed services and security consulting.


What is managed cloud security?

Secure every connection while cutting cost and complexity.

Today’s agile working means your traditional security perimeter is no longer a fixed boundary, which means you may now have critical security gaps in your infrastructure. From branch locations to remote employees, the number of potential weak points has grown significantly – and it’s these weak points that hackers are likely to exploit.  

To stay protected in this new threat environment you need a consistent, cloud-based security setup that removes the hassle of buying and maintaining hardware, and plugs security gaps to protect all your users, from any location.

Our managed cloud security offering combines leading security solutions with managed services and consulting to do just that, partnering with world-class vendors - like Zscaler, Cisco, Palo Alto and McAfee - for cutting-edge solutions that use the latest technology.

Our managed cloud solution is a cloud-based internet security approach that helps improve your overall security posture. It adds an extra layer of defence-in-depth for those users and systems that are already secured and extends the security perimeter for those users who are outside and unprotected.

Our managed cloud security solutions

Managed Cloud Security

With the perimeter disappearing, you need to step up your security to handle the ever-advancing attacks.

What is Managed Cloud Security?

Managed Cloud Security offers cloud-based internet security platforms that provide services, such as real-time scanning and filtering of your users’ web traffic to proactively block known threats before they enter your network.

We have a range of services which include carrier-grade secure internet, advanced persistent threat (APT) protection, data loss prevention (DLP) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). These are all without the need for on-premises hardware, appliances, or software.

Other features include:

  • fast and reliable cloud infrastructure, with global security nodes providing minimal latency when accessing cloud-based applications
  • world-class graded managed service to offer you the flexibility you need
  • a single central portal where you can easily manage internet policies and reporting for all global users and sites
  • the ability to choose what security features you need - either as standalone items or as bundled packages
  • proxy-based visibility and control over web traffic with deep awareness of cloud activity and data interactions (in transit)
  • the ability to monitor and secure cloud service usage by employees, to quickly identify and remediate threats
  • comprehensive data protection at all endpoints
  • the foundation for consistent cloud-delivered security for all users and locations with a next generation firewall in the cloud.

What is Cloud Security Consulting?

Cloud Security Consulting is an advisory service to help you migrate workloads to the cloud securely and in compliance with all regulations. We’ll make sure you understand the risks and have the correct controls in place to join up your cloud and non-cloud IT effectively.

With our consultancy services you’ll get:

  • a security strategy and architecture that’s tailored to your individual business, supports your digital transformation and aligns resources to your goals
  • the power to control access to all your classified information before and after migration across both your legacy and hybrid cloud ecosystem
  • assessment and testing of your cloud implementation against industry standards, so you can be confident your migration won’t leave your data exposed or open to abuse.

Why choose cloud security solutions from BT?

It’s not just the service that makes the difference, but who you choose it with. Why choose our managed cloud security solutions?

  • We’re at the front line – we support customers with cyber security in over 180 countries across the world.
  • We have the expertise – our team of highly skilled security consultants have extensive knowledge in cloud security and every other security discipline.
  • We’re a one-stop-shop – we’re in a unique position where we can seamlessly integrate our security offering with your BT-provided WAN and LAN solutions.
  • We’ve got the best coverage – we can offer one of the best global cloud infrastructure coverages in the world, with more BT data centres for cloud services than any other service provider.