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View My Bill Online

Secure app where you can view meeting usage, charges and pay your bill.

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View My Bill Online (VMBOL) is a secure online application used to monitor the charges to your collaboration accounts.

The app clearly displays charges from multiple collaboration services - audio, video and web - by monthly billing period. You can view your current invoice or view the next level of charge details, and export, filter and sort your billing data to a spreadsheet for your own analysis. If you’re responsible for many accounts, you can view all invoices in your corporate hierarchy and see the breakdown of costs.


  •  Detailed and secure online billing reports of your organisation's collaboration usage
  •   Historical data including account balance, payment history, and the last six months of activity
  •   Management of your billing account, including changing passwords and updating / adding payment and credit card information
  •   Data updates within 24 hours of a meeting ending.

FAQs for View My Bill Online

You can contact the help desk to get your organisation set up. If your organisation already has an account with us, you can get access by getting approval from your billing administrator.

After signing up for an account, you’ll be emailed a password. You can log in to check the status of your accounts 24x7x365. If you're logging in for the first time, you’ll be prompted to change your password.

After accessing VMBOL, click on 'Change My Password', which is located on the login or home page. You’ll then be prompted to enter your old password, your new password, and retype your new password to confirm it. Then click the 'Submit' button.

You can do this using the online billing system (VMBOL). Simply login and click on the ‘Download My Most Recent Invoice’ link under ‘Your Quick Links’.

If you manage multiple accounts, you click ‘Invoices’, then ‘View All Invoices’ in ‘My Corporate Hierarchy’, then the folder icon of the account number, then the invoice number you wish to view.

If you can’t access VMBOL or experience any other problems, please contact our billing team on 0800 778877 – option 3. help desk 

Log in to VMBOL, then click on ‘Recent Usage’. This page will show you the charges to your account by category, such as audio or web . To get more information, click on the category in blue text.

To get a list of participants for a particular meeting, follow the instructions for ‘Get a breakdown of charges for a particular conference’.

If you need to get a list of participants in a billing period or under a certain account number, it is best to generate a conference analysis and connections report. This report exports a spreadsheet (in CSV format) that lists who joined a meeting, the date and time they connected, how long they stayed, and how much each individual connection or feature cost.



15 minutes.

You can use View My Bill Online (VMBOL) to access your account information and usage anywhere, anytime. This self-paced training will walk you through the VMBOL app. You can choose which features you'd like to learn more about or you can watch them all for the full training experience.

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