Webinar realizado

How to create an SD-WAN strategy that delivers on its promise

Presenters: Keith Langridge and Adrian Comley from BT, together with Dominic Elliott from Cisco.

  • Online
  • 29 Jun 2018
  • 16:00 - 17:00 GMT

Why deployment of an SD-WAN is a team sport.

You have been sold the promise of an SD-WAN, to help you meet the bandwidth demands of an explosion of traffic on your network. It should deliver an increased understanding of the performance of applications and it can give you greater control. That’s the promise. The reality, as we have seen time and time again as new technologies arrive on the scene, is often quite different.

Deploying an SD-WAN, including a Cisco SD-WAN, is like running a Formula 1 car. It’s a team sport. The design and development of the car itself doesn’t necessarily mean you can win the Formula 1 championship. You need the driver, the pit crew, the investment in aerodynamics and constant technological developments to be successful.

In this webinar we talk about how to take the best Cisco SD-WAN technology and make it deliver on the promise. We cover the key components which make it a “title winning” solution – underlay, advanced reporting, orchestration, services support, testing and security.