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Transforming to a digital network – How are you measuring success?

Presenters: Keith Langridge & Darren Overall from BT, and Stephen Smith & Mark Jopling from Riverbed Technology Inc.

  • Online
  • 21 Nov 2018
  • 15:30 - 16:30 GMT

CEOs are adopting a digital first approach to match customer needs, but how are they measuring success?

Digital technology changes how we do almost everything, and this pace of change continues to accelerate. When it’s built into the core of your business strategy it can help your company thrive - make you quicker, lighter and more responsive.

But there’s a twist. A recent survey suggests that important digital services and applications are failing and letting 80% of you down.

The stark reality is, that in a lot of cases the promise of digital is not living up to expectations and in many cases it’s becoming even harder to operate in an increasingly cloud-oriented world.

Watch our webinar to discover how to measure if your business really has become more agile and responsive. We talked about how to get full end-to-end performance visibility and control of your global applications and network infrastructure. With actionable data you can quickly tweak and improve performance and service levels and show the impact of the digital services you’ve deployed. 

You’ll be in a better position to respond to the changing needs of your business, establish whether your digital technologies are delivering what you need them to and tune them to deliver a successful outcome.

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  • Keith Langridge, VP, network services, BT
  • Darren Overall, Head of Connect Intelligence, BT
  • Stephen Smith, VP, business development, Global Digital Service Providers, Riverbed Technology Inc.
  • Mark Jopling, SVP, EMEA Sales, Riverbed Technology Inc.
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