Andy Rowland

Head of Customer Innovation: Energy, Resources and Manufacturing, BT.

Andy leads on customer innovation in the Energy, Resources and Manufacturing industries.

With over 30 years of experience in IT, Andy is an award-winning business technologist holding a special interest in the evolution of new technologies in the interconnected world.

Traditionally, Andy has focused on high value propositions across a range of industries including health, oil and gas, utilities and most recently automotive. Having joined us in 1986 as a programmer, by 2000, Andy was building some of the very first eCommerce sites, pushing boundaries by porting them to interactive TV, an award-winning initiative. For the past 17 years, Andy has led on a number of new propositions, whose potential at the time was not always appreciated. These included IP-CCTV in 2002, Tele-health in 2004, acoustic sensing for rail, security and oil and gas in 2008, and most recently connected car security in 2013. Andy’s current focus is on building an ecosystem to enable a wide range of organisations to monetise vehicle data. Prior to joining us in 1986, Andy worked as an accountant at PwC. Andy holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Swansea.