Jan Burian

Head of IDC Manufacturing Insights EMEA

Jan works for IDC, global provider of market intelligence and advisory services.

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Jan's core research coverage includes Industry 4.0, digital transformation, and IT and automation tools in the manufacturing environment across industries such as automotive, machinery, steel, and consumer products.

His focus is on the level of adoption of the technologies relevant for the production company of the future, and on the connection between strategy, technology, and workforce. This involves dealing with artificial intelligence for production planning, supply chain planning and quality management, seamless data flows, collaborative robotics, intelligent process automation, and predictive maintenance, among others.

Another key focus is the industrywide adoption of technology, including horizontal and vertical collaboration across the supply chain.

Before joining IDC, Jan worked for 11 years as a consultant at big four firms. He led a supply chain and operations team at EY Czech Republic and provided consulting services focused on digital strategy set-up, asset management (mostly in the chemical and steel industries), enterprise IT benchmarking, enterprise strategy, and performance improvement.