Blog · 30 Aug 2021

Co-create to grow contact centre business in a stormy market

System integrators, business process outsourcers and telecoms resellers must change their contact centre offerings to remain competitive.

Brands are facing big waves of change in end-user behaviour, and this is shaking up what they’re looking for from their System Integrators (SIs) and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs).

Telecoms resellers, too, are trying to find fresh revenue streams in a shifting market. New demands require new solutions, but there’s no time to create an effective offering from scratch – the competition won’t wait.

Increasingly, organisations are discovering that an intelligent partnering strategy is the fastest way to unlock new opportunities in the contact centre. Discover how co-creation can help you meet your customers’ contact centre requirements and accelerate growth in your markets.

Sophisticated customers expect a sophisticated experience

Today’s end-users have high standards. They’re increasingly autonomous and comfortable interacting with brands remotely. Their digital skills get better all the time, and they expect a self-service experience that’s easy, intuitive, effective and fast. With self-service handling most routine enquiries, contact centre agents are mainly fielding complex issues, and expectations are high here, too. When things go wrong, end-users assume they’ll get an intelligent response from an expert on their first contact – someone with excellent communication skills who can handle the emotions of the situation and sort things out quickly.

But this is all happening at a time when new working patterns are making it harder to deliver those highly skilled agents. With agents working from home, management and remote training gets more complex – especially in a multi-brand and multi-customer context.

Brands want to adapt quickly but are struggling to include digital self-service and virtual helpdesks into their offer. They’re missing a 360-degree view of their customers across multiple channels, and they can’t support expert agents with the knowledge they need. So they’re turning to you to get the right technology.

Increasing data regulation can hold back BPO competitiveness

At the same time, it’s getting increasingly difficult to hold your competitive edge and to source highly skilled agents where they cost less. Tightening data protection is holding you back, stipulating that data is only stored and accessed in the country the users are in – even though agents and contact centres are often in another country. Plus, working on the same principles, regulation means that voice calls can’t travel freely over a voice network or the internet.

There’s strong pressure to quickly develop a global contact centre proposition that can tackle these challenges.

The changing telecom reseller market is driving partnership

The telecoms reseller contact centre market is also changing fast. Traditionally, if a customer wanted to offshore their contact centre, you might respond by acquiring a telco in that country to supply that need. But, today, there’s growing demand for a global contact centre offering, and you may be finding it hard to deliver the whole package, losing you valuable voice and data business.

As a result, you may be looking for ways to make the most of what you’ve got - such as your local networks, data storage and licences – and want to work with a partner that can supply the other elements to create a global contact centre solution. 

Contact centre co-creation makes the most of your technology and expertise

You need to be able to accelerate your innovation to meet these challenges. It’s a waste of resources and time to start from scratch to build your own global contact centre solutions. Instead, it makes perfect sense to bring the technology and expertise you already have into a new partnership to co-create the ideal contact centre offering, as an extremely profitable way to address new buying behaviours in your markets.

We recognise the value you bring to a partnership - whether that’s configuring and integrating CRM solutions, using AI to build dialogue solutions, creating a sophisticated analytics environment or delivering excellent local telecoms services. We can help by filling any gaps you may have with our global contact centre capabilities.

Our offerings, expertise, security and compliance standards mean we have a commercial model that can flex to your needs. And on average, our customers save 40% on their global contact centre operations.

We have the APIs that will let you bring your own expertise. We can test it together and deploy it together, creating a joint enterprise that’s beneficial for both of us.

To find out how partnering can help you accelerate growth in your contact centre markets, please get in touch with your account manager. You may also be interested in downloading our latest whitepaper which explores how artificial intelligence can enhance the call centre environment.