Blog · 15 Oct 2019

How to avoid SD-WAN’s five key security vulnerabilities

Our video series explains how to bolster your SD-WAN security.

Without a doubt, SD-WAN delivers in terms of network visibility, flexibility and scalability, but it’s essential you embrace it with your eyes wide open.

Hackers can now exploit the fact that your SD-WAN devices are directly connected to the internet and your organisation may be exposed to fresh security vulnerabilities.

So how do you protect your critical assets and data from these new threat vectors?

Many enterprises simply transfer their traditional approaches to security over to the world of SD-WAN. They fail to reassess their security needs and leave themselves open to breaches such as a DDoS attack knocking out their network or a hacked SD-WAN site giving access to unencrypted customer traffic.

Robust SD-WAN security starts with an awareness of how internet connectivity brings increased vulnerability to cyber attack. Only then can you put mitigating defences in place.

Watch our five expert videos to discover what risks you now face and how to protect your organisation.