Blog · 26 Feb 2021

Managing security and compliance in a decentralised world

How to choose the right partner for managing cloud data sovereignty.

Simon Nash
Senior Principal Solutions Architect, Equinix EMEA

For all the talk of moving data out of the data centre to the cloud, the physical location of that data still matters very much.

In some countries, data collection and processing remain governed by local law – and it’s a legal requirement for data to be stored within the country’s borders. Germany, China, Indonesia and France are just a few examples. Similarly, within the EU, GDPR regulations require that all data collected on citizens is stored in the EU (or at least within a similar jurisdiction), and governed by EU privacy laws.

The problem, of course, is that the cloud is naturally ‘nebulous’. If you move your data to the cloud, you typically have limited control as to where it is physically located.

That is, unless you work with experienced partners that have designed solutions to specifically overcome these issues.

What are the 5 things you need to consider when choosing the right partner for managing cloud data sovereignty?

  1. Do they have significant experience in dealing with these kinds of data sovereignty and are they able to demonstrate their understanding of the implication of data compliance regulations?
  2. Do they offer wide global coverage, to ensure your data can be located wherever you need it to be, without compromise?
  3. Are they able to guarantee seamless connectivity to your data, from anywhere in the world?
  4. Are they able to reduce complexity by connecting all of your distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems directly, securely and dynamically without locking you in to one single carrier?
  5. Are they able to provide full stack security, providing both physical and cyber security to protect your data assets and ensure you remain compliant and secure, keeping ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape?

The Managed Equinix Fabric service from BT makes it possible to connect distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems directly, securely and dynamically in our global carrier-neutral facilities.

Together, we can co-locate your data precisely and securely – wherever in the world it needs to be – and deliver it back to you seamlessly using our global capabilities.

So, whether the data needs to be stored locally or housed within a cloud, BT and Equinix will make it possible.

To learn more about BT Managed Equinix Fabric, and to explore your organisation’s compliance and security needs with our specialists, get in touch.