Reimagining mining operations with satellite connectivity

How smart transformation of the mining industry can overcome growing challenges.

Today, the mining and energy industries face a range of challenges


Market volatility

Fluctuating prices and demand is increasing financial risk for organisations.


Challenging geographies

Delivering reliable infrastructure to remote and rural locations is often difficult, as many areas don’t have access to terrestrial connectivity.


Increasing environmental standards

With growing concerns around climate change, there are now more regulations around environmental impact, such as the IMO 2020 sulfur cap for offshore oil and gas.


New regulations for welfare and health and safety

After the pandemic, demands for improved occupational health, like tracking and monitoring of the workforce, are rising.

The need for smarter operations

Despite growing external pressures, forward-thinking leaders are looking to thrive by embracing digital transformation.

The global smart mining market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.40% over the forecast period 2021 – 2026.

With the shift to smart solutions, mining companies can expect:

up to 3 to 5% reduced upstream operating costs for the oil and gas sector.
45% improved profits within the next two to three years.

Don’t fall behind

If organisations don’t take advantage, they risk losing their competitive edge.

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of mining companies are adopting cloud solutions
0 %
of mining companies are merging IT/OT departments

Next-generation connectivity

The need for highly reliable connectivity will only grow as more ­­­mining companies embrace AI to optimise their operations. Smart technology requires reliable access to the cloud, which can be difficult across highly dispersed and remote locations. To embrace smart mining solutions, mining operators will need to find superior connectivity that offers:


High throughput

Uninterrupted data flow is essential for new IoT applications.


Low latency

Minimal delay for real-time remote operations and autonomous controls.


Secure connection

Encrypted or protected traffic for direct cloud connectivity and real-time analysis.


Stable access

Reliable fibre-equivalent connectivity for IP-based voice and video collaboration.

What are satellite-enabled networks?

Even in some of the most remote places on the planet, next-generation multi-orbit satellite systems can transform mining projects into intelligent ecosystems for improved productivity, safer working, and better business outcomes.

With the help of our partner, the Société Européenne des Satellites (SES), our satellite-enabled networks can deliver cost-effective and high-capacity connectivity to your mining operation, wherever it is.

Why BT and SES for smart mining?

Using our satellite infrastructure, SES and BT can make your digital transformation a reality.

  1. Accelerated transformation: transition to an ultra-intelligent smart mine with our automated network-as-a-service platform service to easily connect, control and streamline operations.
  2. Greater asset management: connect geographically distributed operations within our single management hub for real-time cross operational visibility and accurate insights across your entire ecosystem.
  3. Reduced infrastructure costs: experience fast deployment times and dynamic network control to scale up or down depending on your requirements or lifecycles at the time.
  4. Improved safety, security, and efficiency: deploy thousands of IoT sensors and devices across your mining ecosystem for predictive maintenance, real time monitoring, and remote control.
  5. Unrivalled quality of experience: unlock full mine automation and performance improvements for business-critical applications.

Embrace digitisation and provide reliable, future-proof connectivity for your mining operations.