Whitepaper · 13 Sep 2022

How to balance fraud prevention with customer experience in the contact centre

Overcoming increasingly sophisticated attacks while improving customer experience and agent wellbeing.

Contact centre fraud is now big business and agents are increasingly working against the odds.

They have to simultaneously handle a growing volume of calls, try to reduce call handling times, and balance the need for greater security measures with personable and proactive service.

It’s under these challenging conditions that the inefficiencies of traditional knowledge-based authentication methods have become clear - proving to be a major source of frustration and an unnecessary drain on precious time for both agents and customers.

To combat this, organisations need to be exploring new and innovative ways to successfully prevent fraud while seamlessly authenticating customers and continuing to maintain outstanding levels of customer experience.

In this whitepaper, our experts will explore:

  • the key security challenges in the contact centre
  • the common forms of attack to look out for
  • the five stages of fraud
  • the critical steps to protecting your estate
  • the latest contact centre solutions.

Download our whitepaper to find out how to boost your security, improve customer service and futureproof your contact centre.