Whitepaper · 24 Jan 2023

How to deliver card payments that are always PCI compliant

Overcoming the compliance challenges of IP-based card-present payment networks.

Our transition towards a cashless society, growing consumer expectations for rapid convenience and the market disruption of fintech means how we buy, sell and do business is changing. As a result, payments today need to be easy, fast and readily available.

In order to embrace this new reality, both small independent merchants and larger, international enterprises are now exploring how they can adopt feature-rich IP-based services and smart payment technologies across their businesses.

But along with these technologies comes a whole new range of considerations around network infrastructure, compliance and security.

How can organisations evolve their payment strategy without opening themselves up to major headaches around Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)? Or worse, without putting their customers’ and organisation’s sensitive information at risk?

In this whitepaper, our experts explore:

  • the factors currently at play in the payment environment
  • the latest payment technologies for an evolving market
  • the PCI DSS compliance challenge
  • what the ideal card-present payment system looks like

Download our whitepaper today to find out how to meet today’s expectations for seamless payment services, while improving security and maintaining business-critical compliance.