Whitepaper · 13 Jun 2023

Making smart moves with Smart Messaging

Unlocking next-generation customer communication experiences for the finance industry.

Messaging is an integral part of how consumers communicate with the finance industry today and is often the first contact channel of choice.

It’s likely to become an even more important tool for driving meaningful customer relationships as richer messaging strategies develop and enhance in-message customer service capabilities through personalised, interactive and app-like, integrated experiences. Customers are looking for – and will soon expect – video, images and easy interactivity in digital contact.

Whether it’s SMS, RCS, WhatsApp or email – finance industry organisations will need to bring all of their communication channels and customer interactions into one easy-to-use platform if they’re going to deliver the experiences that will satisfy users and strengthen relationships.

Managing your messaging effectively, so that you send the right message at exactly the right time via the right channel, will be increasingly important – and that’s where Smart Messaging, our cloud-based management platform, comes in.

Discover more in our whitepaper as our experts explore:

  • barriers to effective messaging
  • why unifying your messaging is a smart move
  • how Smart Messaging supports banking and finance
  • security defences in SMS
  • what we offer as a messaging partner.

Download our whitepaper to discover the best route for evolving and securing your communication channels, while delivering outstanding next-generation customer experiences.

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