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Get the whole story on your call traffic

With BT’s analytical tools it’s easy to measure and understand successful calls. But how do you know if you are missing calls that receive engaged tone or go unanswered? Do you have enough lines to ensure customers are getting through to your retail outlets, sales offices or helplines?

BT Call Tracker monitors your incoming and outgoing call traffic on your PSTN, ISDN2e, ISDN30 and Featureline – to give an instant, accurate overview of your network performance.

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Key benefits

Use BT Call Tracker to improve your bottom line

It is vital you maximise the potential of your network in order to justify budgets and meet your sales and customer relationship management (CRM) targets. With BT Call Tracker you will be able to:

  • Increase revenue: by identifying when calls are being missed and increasing your available people and lines to meet the needs of your resources during those times.
  • Reduce costs: by seeing the peaks and troughs in customer demand in greater detail you will be able to optimise your resources to a tighter margin.
  • Improve CRM: you can improve customer experience by ensuring more calls are answered on the first attempt and with shorter waiting times.

Key features

Find room for improvement in your network

By monitoring your organisation’s complete call traffic profiles across your network – not just those successfully made or received – BT Call Tracker gives you an instant and accurate overview of your network’s performance, and helps to ensure that your sales and customer service people are available when and where they are needed most.

With its detailed analysis, BT Call Tracker enables you to:

  • Obtain a complete and usable picture of your communications estate.
  • Monitor the performance of your network more thoroughly.
  • Recognise patterns in incoming calls so you can anticipate peak demand more easily and effectively.
  • Identify operational issues so you can put them right before they impact your business.
  • Raise customer satisfaction levels with improved call handling efficiency.
  • Gain a clear insight into how resources could be better deployed.

Detailed description

Use accurate, detailed data to inform decisions

Viewing your outgoing calls through Analyst Converge provides you with summary and itemised call detail along with their associated charges – but this is only part of the story. Details of your incoming calls completes the picture. Calls going unanswered or taking a long time to be answered could be losing you sales opportunities or giving your customers or citizens a bad experience - and you wouldn’t even know about it.

BT Call tracker gathers PSTN, ISDN and Featureline data on each line or group of lines at the BT Exchange, and collates the information in easy to find, simple reports and graphs.. These will show you:

  • The volume of unsuccessful incoming calls, to show you whether your callers received an engaged tone or no reply, with drill down to pinpoint the day of the week and hour of the day the calls were made.
  • The volume of unsuccessful outgoing calls, with similar information.
  • Average times it takes you to answer incoming calls.
  • Average duration of both your incoming and outgoing calls.

With this information you’ll be able to spot areas of concern, and make strategic management decisions, governing your lines, staff and communication spend – all with the support of solid facts, not guesswork.

BT Call Tracker has recently replaced our Network Call Performance (NCP) service. We have listened to the feedback we have received from our customers and BT Call Tracker now offers some new features which will help your organisation to manage it’s voice network more efficiently.

  • Line type (e.g. ISDN30e) included with inventory details for service numbers
  • New ‘out of office’ report, so users can analyse usage within the hours of their working day and out of hours – and times can be set to reflect their own organisational work pattern
  • Data is available at a summary level with the ability to then drill down for more detail. (This would have been more difficult to achieve with NCP).
  • Drill down on DDI ranges
  • Simultaneous calls [Inbound/Outbound] report which will help the customer size their current channel usage, and help scope their future bandwidth requirements
  • Users can place a monetary value on the price of each call to see clearly the total loss in £ for all missed calls during the month
  • Custom reports will now be available allowing customers to create reports which are important to them and compare this month on month
  • BT Call Tracker retains call data for 12 months, previously with NCP this was limited to 3 months
  • Calling Number information (UK Geographic). The first 5 digits of the number calling in will be displayed. This helps users to understand the geography of their customer and allows for custom reports based on who is calling them. (We only display the first 5 numbers so that we are consistent with data protection laws and customer requirements when they have withheld their number).

Viewing your BT Call Tracker data is straightforward, and the application is conveniently located in the MyAccount portal you may already use to reach other applications, so you only need the one user name, password and PIN.

Who should buy

Rewarding BT Customers

BT Call Tracker is provided free of charge to customers who have certain call packages with BT. These include BT Customer Commitment and BT Premier Value.


Online accessibility

BT Call Tracker is accessed through a secure online portal, with a user name, password and PIN log in.

Please check with your BT Account Manager if you need to confirm your eligibility.

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